Month: May 2019

Todd Haley Fired By Chiefs

Sports & Recreations → Sports Author Lee Eldridge Published February 4, 2012 Word count 847 View author’s other articles It’s funny. For the last week I have been planning to write an article entitled “The Pioli Decision”. The gist of the article would have been that Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli will be …

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Furious NASCAR Fervor

Sports & Recreations → Sports Author Gregory Berry Published September 20, 2011 Word count 546 View author’s other articles Those who are not diehard fans of NASCAR may not understand why watching super fast cars going around in circles bring so much joy to the stock car enthusiast. Well─ planning is a huge reason. This …

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Why Not Get A Move

Sports & Recreations → Sports Author Alec Mike Published August 3, 2011 Word count 537 View author’s other articles According to inspections based on general knowledge, these findings on science have been reaffirmed. Joggers at the age of sixties and seventies often run with ease and elegance, and we could not see this occurrence in …

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